Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three Marathons in Three Days!

Labor Day Weekend was a blast!

The weekend started out with Tim and I running the Creede Mountain Run, in beautiful Creede, CO. Although it is only 22 miles long, it takes you up and over the continental divide, giving you some breath-taking views. (pun intended) He ended up finishing fourth overall, and I finished 2nd female overall, in a PR of 4:52:00, (approx).

On Sunday we found ourselves in lovely Breckenridge, CO. I ran the notoriously difficuly Breckenridge Crest Marathon. It is very technical, and takes you up and over the mountains surrounding Breckenridge, at altitudes of over 12,000 feet. It took me over 7 hours to finish, and was by far the most difficult of the three races. Many runners commented that the BCM was harder than the Pikes Peak Marathon, and I would have to agree! But is is absolutely one of the most beautiful marathons I have ever run!

Finally, on Monday, I ran the American Discovery Trail Marathon, in Colorado Springs, CO. With somewhat tired legs, I still managed to PR, and qualify for Boston, finishing 7th female overall. I loved the point to point course, and the very runnable Sante Fe Trail it was held on.

A big thank you to Tim for being there at every race, and to all the volunteers who helped make these three races possible!!

On Sunday we found ourselves in Breckenridge

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Gordo said...

Anita, 74 miles in three days? Hell that's an easy weekend for you! Most excellent perfomance, well done!