Saturday, August 8, 2009

Its Been a While.....

It has been quite a while since I updated my blog. Since my last post I have been all over the country, following or running races.

Here are some pictures from the Barr Trail Mountain Race, in Manitou Springs, CO. I was fortunate enough to be a volunteer in this unique race, where all the race's proceeds go back to the mountain, and supports local schools. The day before, I was breathless in Leadville , CO, where I ran the Mosquito Pass Marathon. As usual, I was treated to wonderful Leadville weather.

Just two weeks later, I got to run the scenic Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Run, again in Leadville. Despite a slower than anticipated time, I still had fun, and once again was treated to wonderful Leadville weather, (rain, lightening, hail, thunder, temperature variations, all above 10,000 feet!)

Just one day later, after running and freezing in a hail and lightening storm in Leadville, I was in Death valley, where is was over 120 degrees. It was nice watching the runners from all over the world run and finish the badwater 135. Have to admit, I felt myself wanting to run it again next year........

Soon, I will find myself on the summit of Pikes Peak, as a runner and volunteer for the Pikes Peak Ascent next weekend. You knw you are ready for the Leadville Trail 100 when a training run consists of a run up a 14,000+ feet mountain. lets hope all the runners and volunteers have better weather than last year! There's me, breathless on a training run in Leadville, on Sugar Loaf.