Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Umstead 100, WSU 100km, and an upcoming book!

Early Sunday morning of March 28th, I finished by 22nd 100 mile race. It was not a PR as planned, but despite some "issues" towards the end of the race, I was able to drag my sorry butt across the finish line of the Umstead 100, for the 6th time in beautiful Raleigh NC.

Just a few weeks later, my husband and I flew out to Pullman Washington, to run the WSU 100km. I love this race, and am surprised that it isn't bigger. There were more people running the solo division that last year, which motivated me to a PR, and sub 10 hour and 30 minute time, which qualifies me to compete in the 150 mile Spartathalon in Greece next year!!

In the meantime, Princess and I are finishing up my long awaited book about my unlikely ultrarunning career.....which is much easier on the body that running 100 miles.