Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carl Touchstone 50km and 50 Miler

There's something about the way southern men talk that keep drawing me to this great race I discovered in 2007. Anyone who talks with a southern accent can pace me any day!

At any rate, I decided to give the Carl Touchstone 50 another go, this time with my husband Tim, who ran the 50km ,as his first ultra. The women's field was tough, and I didn't think I would finish as strong as I did in 07, and with hotter temperatures in the mid 80's with humidity to match, this course definetly ate its young fast, as nearly a third of those who signed up for the 50 miler opted to wimp out and do the 50km. Can't say I blame them, as I wasn't sure I coud even come in under 9 hours.

After nearly ten years of living in the desert, I was looking forward to the greenery of the course. Unfortunaly the forest service had other plans, and had done a controled burn, forcing the RD to change the course. The new course had numerous mud bogs, and stream crossings, slowing times even further. But one things stands out in my mind about this years race more than anything else: THE WOMEN KICKED ASS! I was 13th overall, and half of the top ten places went to women.

My husband, who quickly found out that runnng ultras is MUCH easier than being married to me, won his first ultra, coming in ahead of the second place guy by over 20 minutes. I am so proud of him. Coming in 6th woman, it's time to work cut back on the Little Debbies and get serious for the LT100.