Thursday, July 8, 2010

Training Runs in Leadville

Hi Everyone!

It's hard to believe running out here in the beautiful California desert in 100 + degree weather that I will be running in possibly near freezing temperatures in Leadville, CO later this month.

If anyone is interested, some friends of mine and I are planning a series of training runs in Leadville, CO.

The first one will be a night run on Friday, July 23rd.
The second one will be a day run, out and back on Saturday July 24th. Be prepared to run at least 20 miles.
The third one will be more of a hike, where we will be summiting Mt. Elbert. Mt Elbert is Colorado's highest mountain. It is a Class One climb, which means even I can do it! It's a beautiful hike, and when you're done you can brag to your friends that you summited Colorado's highest 14er.

These training runs are free, and a great way to meet people and make new friends.All runs, except for the climb up Mt Elbert, will be on the Leadville Trail 100 course. However, this is in no way affiliated with the official LT100 race. You can use this as a training run for any of your upcoming ultramarathons.In my opinion, if you can run in Leadville, you can run anywhere!!!! Bring all your own gear, fueling needs, hydration, and any secret, magic foods you think you might need.

All the full details, (time, place, distances) will be posted on my blog when I get back to CO from running the Badwater 135, which for me starts at 8 am on July 12th. Good luck to all the runners! It looks like it is going to be crazy hot!

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mountainrunnermike said...

Way to go. From the splits you stayed strong the entire time. Well done.