Sunday, June 13, 2010


What an amazing weekend surprise we had! On Friday, I was given the gift of witnessing a doe give birth to two fawns in our back yard. I am happy to report that mama and babies are doing great!

What was really incredible was that within an hour, both of the fawns were walking.Within three hours they were even trying to run, and were tripping over one another. They both kept their mother busy! She was very attentive, making sure each one was safe and clean. To keep her energy levels up, she ate all our geraniums, blackberry bushes, and primroses. I told her that was OK, as long as she promised not to venture across the street in all that nasty traffic. She obliged!

And I will never forget the adorable cooing sound baby deer make. One even came up to me when I went outside to water the plants. I didn't know they could make such a sweet sound.

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JeffO said...

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!