Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Older

Yikes! Turning 39 yesterday wasn't easy. A friend of mine told me that getting older is both painful and expensive. I think she is right. When my youngest sister called me to wish me happy birthday,she, always being the positive one, told me, "but think of all the experience you have now!" Well, trust me, I would much rather have a few less wrinkles than some of of my "experience." ( of which is being detailed in my upcoming book, due out next spring)

There are some experiences that I would not trade for anything, and those are the lessons I have learned out on the trails running, both alone, and with friends. The trails and my true friends have been there no matter what. Through the good times, the bad, when I was broke,insecure, grumpy, happy, first place, last place, on the thin side, on the chunky side, real boobs, fake boobs,married, not married, addicted, and sober, thanks you guys! I love you all!

I "celebrated" turning 39 by running two races. The Bishop High Sierra 50 in lovely Bishop, CA, and a local 10km in Colorado that actually went through the zoo. Although it was rather painful to see caged up animals, I know that the zoo does a lot of good to restore the wildlife that is endangered. Both races had great volunteers and scenery, so a big thank you to all those who made it happen. Finally A run out on the Waldo Canyon loop in Colorado Springs, CO, with some great shots of Pikes Peak in the back ground soon to come.

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JeffO said...

Geeeeez! 39? If only I was that again! When I hit 30, it was traumatic. 40 was less so. 50 was a surprising dud. I guess I should have been dead twice by the time I turned 40, so count your blessings, sister. Just keep racing forward. It's the only way to live.