Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PR at Run With An Angel 50 Mile Ultra

Competing in the Running With An Angel 50 Mile Ultramarathon is one of my favorite ways to start the new year.

This was my third time running, and winning this awesome event. What made this year's race even more special to me was that I set a new women's course record and set a PR in a time of 7:43:10. Although it isn't the fastest 50 mile time for a woman, I am still happy and grateful for it, especially after having an achilles injury since November.

The race got off to a rocky start, as I quickly realized that I had accidentally brought a pair of my "special" Death Valley Double Crossing underwear. What makes them so special is that i had to cut out the underwear section around 200 miles during my double crossing, to help eliminate chafing. In a remote desert, it isn't a problem. but in a race with dozens of competitors and traffic, it is. Fortunately I had remembered to bring a pair of hot pink leopard print underwear, which I ended up wearing for 50 miles.

Here is a picture of my "lucky" underwear for the 2010 Run With An Angel 50 mile Ultra-Marathon!


criosrun said...

anita, a BIG congrats. is there a reason that there is a photo of your underwear but a photo of you running.

runjoey said...

Awesome race and nice underwear !

Jenna said...

Oh my....at least you had the spare pair of skivies!
Congrats on a great race!

Joe said...

It was great running with you Anita. You really pushed me.