Thursday, June 18, 2009


This afternoon, my husband and I decided we would once again go "owling". Owling is a word we made up for wondering around whatever military base we are assigned, and try and take pictures of owls of various sorts. Although we created a bit of a stir with some well meaning MP's, who took their job of keeping the base and its secrets secure very seriously, ( a big thank you to them for doing such a great job and serving their country))they seemed amused that an "old couple", (hey, Tim's 40, and I almost am. Old to those in their early twenties) would actually go out and take pictures of owls. The following pictures of cute, little burrowing owls, who couldn't wait for Tim and I to leave them alone.

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JeffO said...

I didn't know that owls wore jewelry! Who knew?

Welcome back to Colorado!