Saturday, April 25, 2009

WSU 100km

The WSU 100km, (and relay) was my first 100km race. I am so glad I chose this race as my first 100km. Not only was it safe, friendly, well marked and absolutely beautiful, but it was low key and low stress. No noisy, long and dragged out pre-race meetings, just a quiet, peaceful race in the verdant, rolling farmland outside of Washingston State University with a kind and personable race director. Although it was a very hilly course, it was quite runnable, and any physical discomfort could be comforted by the ever changing geology and farmland. The addition of a relay added to the fun, as the relay runners were fresh and enthusiastic, full of support for the solo division.

This race was held near the Washington - Idaho border, in and around Palouse. It started and ended at Washington State University. Running a 100km was a lot different than running a 50 miler, ( of which I have run nearly 50) or a 100 miler. Hitting 50 miles, (in 8:28) knowing I had nearly a half marathon to go was mentally quite challenging. But I managed to run the last 12 miles in just over 2 hours, with a finishing time of 10:35:15. A 1st place female finish, 2nd overall, albiet not a lot of competition. It was a bitter sweet finish, however. My goal was to run sub 10:30:00, to meet two of the qualifications of the 153 mile long Spatathlon in Greece.

Here are some great pictures of some of the beautiful horses and farmland that greeted the runners at every turn. A big thank you to all who helped make this great event take place!


JeffO said...

Great job! That's smokin' fast!

JeffO said...

You got honorable mention in Jamie Donaldson's blog...
She going for your Whitney record this year.